Building a New House

If you Carry the Bricks of your OLD relationship to the new one,You will build the same House….!!

I read this quote today on the “Purity Starts Here” Facebook and it struck me that although it was applied to marriage and moving onto a new spouse after divorce, it can equally be applied to any and all relationships or situations we find ourselves in.

Whether it’s marriage, a new a job, a new course of study or a new friendship if we don’t leave the past behind us we will keep dragging it up and it will affect the way we relate to people in our new relationships, employment etc.

Allah SWT is Creator and He Creates constantly. What happens in my life is recorded.. the pen is lifted and the ink is dried, but during the course of my life, Allah SWT my Rab is constantly recreating me to be the person I will be at the time of my death. The person I am today is not the person I was as a Christian, or as a teenager or even six years ago as a new Muslim.

He moves me to new things.. but I often hold onto old ones.. filling myself with regret over decisions made, or lost opportunities or whatever the situation may be. Yet my Lord promises that everything that happens to me/us is of benefit to us and what seems bad to us may actually be good for us. What is for us, cannot pass us and what passes is was never for us.

We have a choice to make daily.. wake up and regret yesterday and dread today based on yesterday’s mistakes and problems or wake up today in the knowledge that today Allah SWT.. the All Powerful and All Loving is providing, guiding, sustaining.. today is a new day and it’s a new opportunity to trust Him and Obey Him and build a new house out of new bricks.