A Forgotten Sunnah

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Jamilah's reflections

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to go walking with ‘A’ishah (ra) at night while talking with each other.” — (Bukhārī)

One of the many reasons I love to read the Seerah of the Prophet (SAW) and his wives (RA) is because of how human they are. In the Seerah, we see a man who struggled just like we do, to please his Lord.  A man who showed us how to live every part of our life.  In his relationships both with his wives and his friends, we learn how to live our family life, how to be intimate with our spouse and how to balance our work and home lives and how to appropriately interact with our friends.

In this beautiful sunnah we notice two things which for me are an essential part of a good marriage.

1.  The Prophet and his wife took time to walk each day.. this…

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